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    What type of heater is best for room?

    Radiator Room Heaters (Oil-Filled ) often called as OFR are best as per my Observation It produces heat that circulates warm air throughout the room and retain this heat for longer durations as compared to others. you can be free from tension of fire and you can even touch fins as they don't...
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    How much paragliding cost in Manali?

    Prices for Paragliding in Manali will vary from season to season i.e. it can ranges between Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 which gets highly influenced by duration, location, height, and equipment.
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    What is the cost of river crossing in Manali?

    Cost of River Crossing in manali can range between Rs. 100- 300/Person depending upon location , season and length of river crossing.
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    Is there horse riding in Manali?

    Yes there horse riding in Manali and to experience horseback ride in manali you will have to move towards solang valley in manali i.e. few kilometers away from mall road, manali. there will have adventure activities to start with apart from horse riding.
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    Are Laptop Bags Waterproof?

    Laptop Bags, that are said to be waterproof can be water-resistant that means it shall prevent laptop bag from water till certain point and as far as i think it cannot be guaranteed thou. but bags thats are specially quoted as Waterproof bags can however, prevent water from getting inside. so...
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    Which companies hand blender is best?

    Well below are best companies of hand blenders that can be used in india 1. Morphy Richards 2. Philips 3. Orpat (Looks like made in India brand) but blenders should be chosen based on power in terms of 1) watts which ranges between 200 to 250 watts. 2) Cost: The amount which you are willing to...
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    How many years will it take for a lemon tree to start producing lemons?

    A lemon tree will take about minimum of 3 to 5 years to start producing fruits i.e. lemons.
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    What is the lifespan of a lemon tree?

    Lifespan of a average lemon tree can go past 50 years to 100 years, if taken proper care and kept disease free.
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    What is the average yield of a lemon tree?

    The average fruit yield from lemon tree is around 1000-1500 lemons or around 80 kg per tree per year of about 3-5 years mature tree.
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    How many lemons can you get from one tree?

    Once a lemon tree gets matured after being planted for 3-5 years it can produce around 1000-1500 lemons in one full season.
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    how much does nice clothing cost in India?

    my friend is coming to India this winter, the first thing what he is looking for would be shopping. he has already visited major cities of india, but this time he would be visiting Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. I would like to know what are best places to shopping in these 3 cities and how much...
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    what is the difference between curd and yoghurt?

    The difference is preparation, curd is prepared with natural acidic substances on the other hand yogurt is artificially fermented. Then there is difference in yogurt also(greek and regular). Greek yogurt is high on protein Almost double whereas regular yogurt has more calcium.
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    Why we all were always wearing silk sarees for functions?

    My mother and my Aunty all ask me to wear Silk sarees during both occasions and to any functions. why is this so?
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    Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer ?

    I searched around in the internet and found none, as i don't know names of Indian woman cricketer's, thats why this question Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer ? Mithali Raj is all I know, anyone else name that pop's up in your mind ?
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    Who is India's Fastest Bowler Ever ?

    Among the India's fastest bowler's who have crossed 150 KMPH speed are as follows : Top 5 Fastest Indian bowlers of all time, who delivered the fasted bowls of the Indian Cricket world. 1) Umran Malik: 157 kmph – Fastest bowlers in India 2) Javagal Srinath is another among India's Fastest...
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    What do you do on weekends?

    On weekends I usually do rest and some shopping for my home for my kitchen.But I shop these things online. Because online shopping means hassle free shopping.In online shopping I can shop by siting on my sofa from my home.
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    What does love mean?

    A strong feeling of care, not because of better physical appearance, but because of the emotional bonding between two person. its not always about love towards opposite sex but it can be towards anyone, even a animal can be part of it. What does love mean? "love is the master key that opens the...
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    What is the difference between article and blog in seo ?

    Blog and articles are bot different and below is the difference between blog and article Blog Post Opinion Centric No interviews Allowed Can be Short SEO keywords allowed and content is Built around it Spelling and grammar are optional Casual writing approach editor may or may not be...
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    What is standard click to visit ratio in Adwords?

    Hello All, What is industry standard mark for click to visit? I mean What is standard click to visit ratio taken by agencies in India ? Tnx
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    What do you eat for breakfast?

    My daily breakfast is having chapathi with different type of vegetable